Meeting Your Digital Marketing Needs:

Kayley Whalen Consulting is here to help you build awareness, trust, and engagement with your nonprofit's work online.

Maybe you're an overwhelmed executive lacking capacity, an emerging leader trying to get your organization on the map, or an established marketing director looking to shake things up at your organization – whatever your situation, I'm here to support you in feeling secure, energized, and confident about marketing your nonprofit online. I will work with you to build and executive a digital marketing plan to meet your goals.

My work is based on proven campaign success from over 11 years in nonprofit communications and marketing, combined with a desire to always innovate and incorporate emerging digital tools.

Cross-Channel Communications

Kayley offers integrated digital strategy that ensures your message is consistently communicated across email, web, and social media. She'll help you prioritize which digital platforms will best help you achieve your goals, and how to craft your message for each platform.

Targeted Engagement

There's no such thing as a "general audience." Kayley will work with you to identify what audiences you want to reach with what messaging, and the platforms to best reach them with. This includes email segmentation and persona marketing for fundraising and digital organizing work.


You need to be able to measure your performance to know how to improve. Kayley is an experienced data analyst and can quickly and effectively conduct a thorough analytical review of all of your digital channels to see how well you're reaching and engaging your target audiences. She will work with you to implement new tools to better measure your progress against your goals. And she will work with you during the course of a campaign to see how well you're performing against metrics, and where changes might be beneficial based on the data.


Kayley will help you build a long-range content strategy that will ensure your organization will be consistently putting your message out there. By planning content ahead of time, you'll also free up time and resources to take advantage of crisis/opportunity moments with breaking news.


Kayley will ensure you're ahead of the latest digital media trends including ever-changing social media algorithms, emerging digital platforms, and shifts in language and messaging.

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