October 15, 2022

National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE)

NCTE brought in Kayley from 2021 to 2022 to evolve their online brand and rebuild trust with the trans community while promoting the US Trans Survey. She developed and implemented a digital media content strategy that showcased their commitment to racial justice, economic justice, and uplifting the most marginalized voices. She helped recruit over 30,000 people to take the US Trans Survey.

The Challenge

National Center for Transgender Equality had lost the trust of many in the trans community, especially people of color, after a mass exodus of staff in 2019 who were protesting racism, anti-Blackness, and other forms of oppression through their workplace policies and culture. Kayley was brought on in November 2021 to rebuild trust in their brand when the organization had undergone a major shift in leadership and mission.

The Results

·      Led social media strategy for repairing and evolving NCTE’s brand to demonstrate their renewed commitment to racial justice, labor rights, and uplifting trans Black, Indigenous, and People of Color voices.

·      Provide video strategy and editing for #AmplifyTransVoices on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

·      Create graphics for Facebook, Instagram posts and stories, Twitter, digital ads, and YouTube.

·      Supported efforts on social media for 2021 year-end fundraising which exceeded $250,000 goal.

Case Study: 2022: Amplify Trans Voices

Kayley provided video content strategy and video editing for a campaign where NCTE interviewed a series of trans people from diverse backgrounds about their experiences with advocacy, coming out, and finding community.

A Black trans woman with blue hair excitedly raising her hand. Text reads Pledge to Take the US Trans Survey

Case Study: 2022 #USTransSurvey

As the nation’s largest survey of transgender people, the U.S. Trans Survey is a critical source of information about transgender people that ensures our community is seen and better understood. Kayley developed social media posts and graphics promoting people to pledge to take the survey. In order to do so, she had to coordinate closely with the survey research team to ensure all graphics/posts were on message and would not bias people's participation. As of Sep 30, 2022, more than 30,000 transgender people have pledged to complete the survey.

Case Study: ProtectTransHealth

In fall 2022, the Biden-Harris Administration opened up a public comment period on a proposed regulation for the Affordable Care Act’s Health Care Rights Law, aka Section 1557, which would protect trans people's rights to health care. Kayley developed graphics to promote a campaign by National Center for Transgender Equality and partner organizations to encourage people to submit public comments, and she also developed graphics based on anonymized/abridged versions of those comments, and for live events promoting the comment period. In the end hundreds submitted comments on ProtectTransHealth.org.

Kayley played a crucial role in helping plan and implement our digital media strategy during a transition time in our organization. She is excellent at creating digital communications, images, and video present consistent messaging in line with our racial justice, economic justice, and transgender justice values. Her graphic design and video helped evolve and innovate with our visual brand and tell effective stories of trans people.

Leigh Thomas

Communications Director, National Center for Transgender Equality