Messaging for Trans Inclusion: Narrative Power Summit Presentation October 7 2023

February 21, 2019

Strategic Communication for Trans Inclusion in Sports

Kayley will be presenting alongside trans MMA fighter Fallon Fox about a proactive positive communications strategy about trans inclusion in sports that is informed by the Race, Class, Gender Narrative. Political debates about trans athletes are being used to divide our movements and have become a dangerous wedge issue. We'll teach how to fight for inclusion and win.

Supporting trans athletes is a key social justice issue.

The right has realized this is a wedge issue to split our base. Recently, they have paired these attacks with fear-mongering about Critical Race Theory, mobilizing their base with a potent mix of racist and transphobic tropes. This has also led to transphobia becoming a pipeline into white supremacy. We will discuss narrative strategy that isn't "colorblind" and leads with race and class to push for trans inclusion and against transphobia.

The 2022 Narrative Power Summit (NPS) is focused on narrative power, strategic communications, organizing, and electoral justice strategies of progressive and radical social movements.

Our presentation will equip people with proactive messaging to win inclusion for trans athletes, and stop the ability of the right to use this to divide us.

Fallon Fox became the first out trans Mixed Martial Arts Fighter in 2013. She is regularly featured in the media, including the documentary Game Face, and has written for TIME and the Advocate. She began training in 2007 and has a record of 5-1-0. In 2014 she was inducted into the Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame.Media portfolio:


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Presentation by Kayley Whalen and Fallon Fox on Trans Inclusion in Sports and the Race Class Gender Narrative:

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